When you’re planning your big day, there are a ton of trends that can influence your decisions when it comes to decor, cake, and invitations, to name a few. But if you aren’t a huge fan of the popular trends, we’ve noticed a couple of unique ideas that we think would add an interesting flair to your wedding day. If you’re looking for some original ideas  to introduce to your wedding, here are ten unique wedding trends that we’re loving!

Raw Bar

Having a raw bar with oysters, mussels, and other seafoods at your cocktail hour in lieu of (or even in addition to) waiters circulating with  hors d’oeuvres is one way to change things up for your guests, while making sure they have an opportunity to grab a snack before dinner.



Healthy Cocktail Bar

Most couples feature a signature cocktail drink at their reception, but having some healthier options could be a good way to switch up the usual wedding bar scene.Instead of serving sugary cocktails like margaritas and cosmos, think white-wine spritzers and martinis.



International Accents

Instead of creating a theme around a specific color palette for your wedding, you can instead choose a country to influence your theme. This would be a fantastic option if you and your partner are from different backgrounds- incorporating both of your cultures into your decor is a fun way to display your heritage!



Ditch those Traditional Venues

Rather than opting for a traditional church ceremony and banquet hall reception, switch it up a little and try something like a museum or art gallery! Depending on your personal interests, this could be a fantastic way to incorporate your personality. Venues like art galleries, museums, libraries, and aquariums also make for great conversation starters, which will definitely keep your guests entertained.



The Big &  not-so White Dress

Don’t get me wrong, a big white dress always a gorgeous option, and sometimes even the focal point of a wedding. But if you’re looking for something a little less traditional, blush and tea stained dresses are stunning. Many brides choose ivory if they aren’t interested in a stark-white gown, but a very light blush or tea stained dress is a subtle way to make a big statement on your special day.



Naked Cakes

Skipping all the fondant and presenting your wedding cake in all of its naked glory is another fun way to amp up the uniqueness of your wedding. Though these cakes are often seen as more suited for a casual or more rustic affair, they can be decorated with sugar flowers and other edible embellishments, and made to suit the classiest of black-tie receptions.




Skip the 4 Course Dinner

Food is a huge factor for some couples, but if you and your SO aren’t huge foodies and want to focus more on the partying part of your reception, skipping the 4 course dinner might be a good option for you. Instead, you can have a waiter’s circulating the venue with a variety of hors d’oeuvres and finger foods.



Share a Same day Edit

Instead of (or in addition to) a slideshow of pictures from childhood to present day of you and your SO, you can choose to share a same edit of your big day. This is a great way to recap the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and pre-receptions events for your guests.



Mismatched Bridesmaids

Gone are the days when all bridesmaids have to wear the exact same dress in the exact same shade. Thank goodness! If you’ve ever been a part of a bridal party then you know how difficult it is to choose a style of dress that’s cute and suit everyone’s body shape, and a hue to complement all skin tones. Instead of trying to achieve the (almost) impossible, having mismatched bridesmaids is a beautifully different option. Selecting colors from a complementary color palette and dresses with a somewhat similar style for each of your bridesmaids can make for some stunning pictures.



No Need for Fresh Flowers

Purchasing fresh flower bouquets and centerpieces can get pretty costly. If you’re trying to save a few bucks and still make an impact with your decor, think about broach bouquets and centerpieces comprised of artsy branches or brightly coors produce. You can easily create bouquet of broaches just as stunning, if not more so, than fresh flowers. You can also DIY your way to gorgeous centerpieces by purchasing branches from an art store, spray painting them, and arranging them in a vase.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to make your wedding more unique. Leave us a comment down below letting us know which was your favorite, and if you’ve seen any other unique trends lately!