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    Paralyzed Woman Surprises Everyone When She Stands Up And Starts Walking Down The Aisle

Paralyzed Woman Surprises Everyone When She Stands Up And Starts Walking Down The Aisle

A bride’s walk down the aisle is always a touching part of a wedding ceremony. It was definitely the most emotional one in this case. Bride Jaquie Goncher, 25, who was paralyzed from her neck down from the age of 17, surprised her wedding guests by stepping up from the wheelchair during her bridal […]

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Ten Unique Wedding Trends in 2016

When you’re planning your big day, there are a ton of trends that can influence your decisions when it comes to decor, cake, and invitations, to name a few. But if you aren’t a huge fan of the popular trends, we’ve noticed a couple of unique ideas that we think would add an interesting […]

Trendy Downtown Toronto Wedding: Kimberley & Blaise

Once we saw the beautiful photos that Samantha Ong captured of Kimberley and Blaise’s wedding Downtown Toronto, there was no way we couldn’t feature them on our blog. A stunning couple to begin with, these two lovers chose to tie the knot at the Holy Name Church, not too far from where they first […]

8 wedding trends we’re looking forward to in 2016

It’s spring – which means wedding parties will be sprouting up like wildflowers. This time of year officially signals the sign-on-the-dotted-line season, with many happy couples looking forward to tying that famous knot in a style that reflects their particular wants and needs.

Weddings have been evolving from the traditional, formal affairs – the big […]

Lavish Weddings: Billionaire’s Edition

Now, all Wedding Planners know that Pinterest is the place to find luxurious and lavish weddings, making brides lust after weddings with luxurious floral décor, extravagant gowns and unique ideas. But, when a Russian Billionaire, Mikhail Gutseriev’s son gets married, this is not only a game changer, but is the new wedding inspiration for […]

Engagement Photos That Have You Lusting

There’s nothing like a photo to evoke the most innate emotion out of you. For women, we grow up lusting over wedding and engagement photos like it’s our bible. We dream of one day being that girl in the field with Prince Charming finally swooping us off of our feet. While life has definitely crushed […]

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