2017 has been an awesome year for some fab wedding trends. From crop top wedding gowns, metallic bridesmaid dresses, to funky invitations and signage, we’ve been obsessed with the 2017 wedding scene. So obsessed, in fact, we figured we’d put together a list of our top 5 wedding trends so far. If you need a little inspo for your upcoming nuptials or just want to see some of the fabulousness 2017’s had to offer, keep on reading!

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Crop Top Wedding Gowns

This fun, youthful look has completely taken over the bridal scene. Two piece wedding dresses have definitely made themselves known this year, and we’re loving it. We’re obsessed with the sweet, casual boho-chic looks brides have been able to achieve with these gowns— but don’t be fooled, these dresses can also serve some serious high fashion looks. The versatility of these dresses are what made us fall in love with them. From asymmetrical skirts to sheer lace tops, every bride is bound to find a style she’ll fall in love with.

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Pretty Paper

This has been a big year for papered goods! You may question this addition to our list, but we promise, it’s here for good reason. We’ve been witnessing more and more couples incorporate fun paper decor into their wedding. Lanterns, gorgeous paper flowers, and adorable welcome signs have been in abundance. Not to mention, brides and grooms have stepped up their game when it comes to their invitations! Some awesome stationery has been floating around, and save the dates and wedding shower invites seem to be getting more and more luxurious. Laser cut, foil stamped, and letterpress techniques have been employed in 2017 to amp up the look and feel of invitations.

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Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

Metallic has become a widespread trend not only in the beauty industry, but now the wedding industry, too. Metallic bridesmaid dresses have made quite a few appearances this wedding season, and we definitely aren’t mad at it! Metallic bridesmaid gowns with billowy silhouettes are all the rage, and we can tell why—they add a little pizzaz to a neutral color palette, and are stunning on every body shape.

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Green Weddings

What if we told you, you could have the best of both worlds and have a stunning wedding, while doing your part for the environment? Well, 2017 has proved couples can do just that! Having an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean your wedding gown needs to be made from hemp; you can still have a gorgeous wedding, while keeping it green. Making choices like having your ceremony and reception outdoors instead of inside will reduce energy consumption, and can be just as beautiful. Eco-friendly invitations, organic bouquets, and a conscious catering choices are also great ways to integrate environmentally friendly standards into your wedding. We’re obsessed with the trend of green weddings, and hope this continues to be a popular choice into the new year!

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Translucent Cakes

You’ve probably heard of naked cakes, but have you ever heard of a translucent wedding cake? They’re the slightly more covered up older sister of naked cakes. Instead of being completely bare, these trendy cakes have a thin layer of icing, allowing the layers of cake underneath to peek through. They can offer the same aesthetic as naked cakes, but are versatile and can be dressed up or down. Depending on the flowers and choice of embellishments, you can end up with a simple cake with a rustic feel, or something a little more glam. Either way, we love this choice, since it fits in flawlessly with so many different themes!